Colorful Eggs Continue!

Colorful eggs from our hens—greens, blues, chocolate and terra-cotta browns, pink, tan, white, and freckled!!

After taking a very leisurely week laying last week—18-24 eggs or less on some days—the girls outdid themselves on Sunday with 36 beautiful, colorful eggs!

The weather here has fluctuated from overnights in the 30s and 40s to days in the 50s and 60s, but our multi-breed strategy of unique, curated flocks with more than two dozen heritage and rare breeds is paying off.

Some of our pullets thrive in the hot, humid summer, but come to a full stop when the weather turns chilly—our Minorcas and Andalusians. Others really come into their own during the shorter days of late fall and winter—our Brahmas and Faverolles. And others still seem to just chug along year round—Rocks, Dominiques, Australorps.

When the days are much colder and there’s much less light, we’ll see how we’re doing, but for now, we still have fresh , colorful eggs available weekly.

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