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About Our Shareholders

That’s you!

We are a small farm and our aim is to serve 10-20 families with clean, nutritious, seasonal food from the farm year-round. You can support us by buying from us at the farmers market, or committing to one of our weekly CSA shares, (Eggs, Bread).

About Our Eggs

Our chicken eggs are unique in Southside Virginia!

Our rainbow of colors is produced by a carefully curated selection of laying hens from heritage, endangered, and rare breeds developed around the world. Our poultry flocks include American, Australian, Belgian, Canadian, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish breeds of chicken.

Our birds range on pasture year round, supplemented with Non-GMO feed and fermented grains  from Sunrise Farms in Stuarts Draft, VA, supplier to Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm.

Our birds are not vaccinated and receive no medicated feed.

About Our Baked Goods

All our baked goods are made with local, organic flour from Lindley Mills in Graham, NC.

Our breads are all yeast-risen and fermented at least 24 hours. There’s no sugar in any of our breads.

Our muffins are made without added sugar; we substitute molasses, fruit juice, maple syrup, applesauce, and actual fruit and veggies to make baked goods you can feel good about.

People often say that our muffins are a two-person job, and that our bread is incredible. We love hearing this!

About Our Veggies

Market Garden veggies coming Winter 2018.

About Our Chickens

Our chickens represent heritage, rare, and endangered breeds from around the world. Dutch Welsummers, French Marans and Faverolles, Chinese Langshans,  English Dorkings, German Hamburgs, Italian Leghorns, Spanish Penedesencas, and American Dominikers, to name just a few!

Our blue egg-laying Ameraucanas and English Legbars are true breed standard birds, not Easter Eggers nor “Americanas.”

You will not find an industrial, hybrid production breed in our flocks. Our aim is to craft local food in sync with Nature, not despite her.

Our birds are selected for year-round laying ability without artificial light, egg color, foraging skills, vigor, and personality.

About Our Ducks


About Our Geese


About Our Roosters

Coming soon!

About Our Farmers

Ben is the baker. He makes everything we bring to market.

Elyse Ward is an ICU nurse with Halifax Sentara in South Boston. She is originally from Sutherlin, growing up on her parents’ dairy farm, where she and Ben now farm poultry and vegetables.